HAMMA Mixed Martial Arts Academy

HAMMA MMA is the passion project of Sean Martin

Sean has 25 years experience in learning and teaching MMA.
He instills knowledge into his students and this is clearly evidenced in the classes. MMA is a mixture of many Martial Arts and breaks down into three separate disciplines ...




We have the ability to take you from zero to a competitive athlete using our well designed programs or allow an individual to learn the fine details of this amazing Martial Art

Martial Arts training is a total-body effort and at HAMMA and we are proud to make it accessible to everyone in our community. Take on a mix of strength building exercises, controlled sparring, and repetition training to challenge yourself and build your skills one day at a time.

When was the last time you looked forward to your workout? Don't let exercise be another chore on your list. Take back the fun and excitement that comes with physical challenges and absolute success. Our classes keep you guessing from week to week and help you progress through the system without ever risking the dreaded plateau.