HAMMA Junior Academy

HAMMA Junior Academy - Our Vision

There's nothing more important in your child's life than staying physically active. At HAMMA we offer both with the help of exciting instruction that is different every week.

Therefore we have different classes each day for your child to attend. We know children develop at different paces. Our goal in each class is to make sure no student ever feels overwhelmed or intimidated.

Our childrens classes take place every day giving your child access to hands-on instruction and a personalised approach. From day one, your child can feel confident in their abilities and driven to get better every day.

We focus a lot of our attention on getting fit and staying active, but the truth is, the benefits of HAMMA Youth Academy goes well beyond just kicks, punches, takedowns and submissions.

We use the world of martial arts training to teach students important values like self-confidence and respect and we build them up with a progression of challenges that encourage students to set goals and celebrate their achievements. 

We truly care about every student who walks through our doors and we're committed to helping your child find success from day one.